Thursday evening left me in rough shape for Friday morning, considering the thing that is Emo Night at Idle Hands bar in Alphabet city along with tasty but sorta strong Bronx Black Pale Ale. I needed the bacon egg and cheese from Gray Dog to get me in working order. Overpriced but really satisfying. By Friday evening, a little recreational billiards at Break NYC followed by a late dinner at Pachanga Patterson in Astoria where they have fantastic beef tacos with a sort of steakhouse thing going on, high amounts of flavor, topped with fried onions and just incredible chorizo and plantain empanadas. Both absolutely count as sandwiches.

Moving along, Saturday had some gyros, which is a classic greek fast food sandwich, and the crown jewel of the weekend was Sunday, at Mulholland's in Williamsburg where I had a slammin, if not sorta fussy bacon avocado lettuce tomato as my first meal at 4pm with a bunch of miller high-lifes.


So what Sandwiches did this weekend bring you?